Breakout Sessions

Extra-long Sessions for More Interactive Learning

Coaching Your Entire Team

What is High-Performance Contracting and Why Are We Doing It?

Workshop Leader:
David Richardson, NCI

David Richardson

David Richardson

This Coaching workshop is aimed at helping you coach your entire team on your mission and vision as it relates to becoming a different kind of company – one who uses data from testing to deliver the best possible products and services to your customers. This coaching should be the first thing you do to get your entire team on the same page.


This Session Will Cover:
  • What is Performance and how does it impact our customer?
  • How do we measure Performance?
  • What do we do with the data we collect?
  • Why Delivering High-Performing systems is important to our company.

Coaching Your Managers

How We Will Integrate High Performance Into Our Business

Workshop Leader:
Dave DeRose,
Masterworks Mechanical

Dave DeRose

Dave DeRose

Once you’ve completed the coaching in Step 1, and everyone is on board, it’s time to get a little further into the details of implementing the High-Performance approach company-wide. This coaching session is designed to help you coach your management team on some of the subtle, and not-so-subtle changes you will be making to integrate this into your organization.


This Session Will Cover:
  • How we plan to integrate the performance-based approach into our company
  • What we will do differently in the office and shop
  • What our managers will do differently: Service, Sales, and Installation.
  • Why we need to “Always Be Coaching”

Coaching Your Technical Team

How We Will Integrate Performance Into Service And Install

Workshop Leader:
Casey Contreras, NCI

Casey Contreras

Casey Contreras

Now it’s time to drill down with both your Service and Installation teams on how you plan to integrate High-Performance in their daily work in the field. This workshop covers how you will communicate the training, tools and support you plan to give them to help them make the transition.

High Performance starts with testing on service and maintenance calls, talking to customers about findings, and recommending next steps. Once a project is sold, your installation team needs to also understand what is expected of them, and what they will be doing differently.


This Session Will Cover:
  • What our service and maintenance techs will do to identify opportunities
  • How will we educate customers about their HVAC systems
  • What we will do differently on our installations, including testing out
  • What will change with our refrigerant-side testing

Coaching Your Sales Team

How We Will Market and Sell High Performance

Workshop Leader:
David Holt, NCI

David Holt

David Holt

As your technical team gets on the same page, it’s important to work with both your inside and outside sales team on the specifics of adding air upgrades and renovations to their equipment replacement proposals as well selling standalone renovations. It’s also important that they understand when they should be able to price the work themselves, and when to bring in higher technical expertise.


This Session Will Cover:
  • How we plan to sell it – High-Performance Sales versus High-Pressure Sales
  • How we plan to market performance and identify opportunities for system upgrades and renovations.
  • How we will price Air Upgrades and more comprehensive renovations
  • How we plan to communicate and hand-off jobs to installation

High-Performance Town 2020 – Hands-on Testing & Diagnostic Labs

NCI’s High-Performance Town returns to Summit! In this breakout session, you’ll participate in three hands-on labs where you will experience advanced tests and calculations to diagnose and offer highly profitable system upgrades, just as your teams do in the field.  You will receive new detailed NCI procedures and quick reports to integrate into your leadership team’s coaching following Summit.

Hands-on labs will increase your ability to lead and coach your company as you experience first-hand the success of field testing and diagnostics.


Your Instructors:
Rob Falke,
Jeff Sturgeon,
Justin Bright