Breakout Sessions

Where the rubber meets the road.
Build a High-Performance Culture

How to Build a High-Performance Culture in Your HVAC Business

Presented by: John Boylan, General Manager, Lakeside Service

To successfully sell and deliver High-Performance HVAC Services and Installations everyone in your organization needs to understand, embrace, and learn this next level of HVAC work. It starts at the top with your key managers and must also permeate the entire organization.

How do you get everyone singing from the same book, and more importantly what can you do to make it part of your values and company culture? John will share his journey, and how KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) have helped to keep Lakeside on track. He will also reveal the bumps and bruises along the way, as well as their breakthrough moments.

Anatomy of the High-Performance Sales Process

Anatomy of the High-Performance Sales Process

Presented by: Dawn Mroczek, Sales Manager, GV’s Heating & Air

Do you sometimes wonder if there is a surefire approach to getting customers to buy your high-performance solutions? Dawn will share her journey, and how she integrated performance testing into her sales process.

She will also share how GVs Heating & Air embraced High-Performance HVAC™, and the process they developed to outline every step of the sales call from before the visit, all the way through to getting referrals by wowing her customers. She will also share GVs unique system renovation approach.

HVAC Renovations at Summit

High-Performance HVAC Renovations from Start to Finish

Presented by: Dustin Cole, Owner, Cole Air, Inc.

In the retrofit market, HVAC renovation is essential to achieve customer comfort and system performance. Simply swapping equipment without understanding the entire system can be a recipe for disaster.

Dustin will show you why and how High-Performance HVAC professionals blend Testing and Diagnostics with ACCA Manuals J, S, D, and T to deliver High-Performing HVAC systems for your clients and protect you from costly mistakes. 

CO testing

How to Take Combustion Testing to the Next Level

Presented by: Mark Hunt, NCI Instructor

Consistency is essential with combustion testing. Without it, you may overlook potentially dangerous conditions and opportunities to improve your customer’s safety and health.

In this session, Mark Hunt will discuss strategies for different situations, and what you can do to improve consistency among your team. You will leave this session with a solid understanding of how to handle ambient CO (carbon monoxide) testing and red tagging to present the right combustion solutions to your customers.

Building Science and HVAC

The Sweet Spot: Where Building Science and HVAC Intersect

Presented by: Rob Minnick, NCI Instructor

The crossover between Building Science and HVAC is one of the most misunderstood subjects in our industry. Many owners, technicians, and salespeople need a sweet spot so they can focus on what is important instead of wasting time with guesses and assumptions.

In this session, Rob Minnick discusses where Building Science & HVAC intersect in your business. He will walk you through a step-by-step process you can use to test, diagnose, identify, and explain the most common building and HVAC issues. Finally, you will learn when to progress to more advanced diagnostic testing and how to create a need for it.

Customer talk

Customer Communication: Drop the Technospeak 

Simplify + Educate = Profit: The High-Performance HVAC Sales Formula

Do you struggle to explain the value of high-performance HVAC systems to homeowners? Ditch the technical jargon and discover the secrets to effective communication that builds trust and drives sales.

In this session, you’ll learn how to craft powerful messages that showcase the benefits of your High-Performance HVAC™ solutions in simple, yet effective layman terms, and leave homeowners eager to invest.

Heat pumps

Climate Resilient Heat Pump Strategies

Presented by: Ben Lipscomb, P.E., NCI Director of Engineering and Utility Programs

A Climate-Resilient Heat Pump system supports the safety, health, and comfort of customers despite rising average temperatures and increasing extreme weather events. While meeting these primary goals, climate-resilient systems also perform efficiently to minimize environmental impacts and utility bills.

Learn about specific strategies to future-proof heat pump systems in a changing world including dual-fuel applications, cold-weather heat pumps, approaches to equipment sizing and selection, and different ways to provide backup power and heat.


How To Solve the Top Inverter Installation Issues

Presented by: Bryan Orr, President, Kalos Services and HVAC School

Inverter technology is the way forward! We already see inverter-driven compressors, especially in the highly efficient mini-split and VRF technology. However, with unique benefits come unique installation challenges.

This session by HVAC School founder Bryan Orr will cover some of the top inverter installation issues and how to deal with them, including overvoltage, shielding and grounding, indoor airflow, noise, and more.

Bryan has experience running a company that regularly installs inverter-driven equipment and will share some of his favorite tools and strategies for overcoming common issues with inverter installation. Attendees will learn about these tools, including surge protectors and buck-boost transformers, which have proven useful.

HVAC Design

How to Properly Design with Today’s Heat Pumps

Presented by: Adam Mufich, NCI Instructor

Today’s heat pumps are nothing like their predecessors. And unless you account for the differences, you could end up lost and frustrated. With electrification looming, you need a plan to succeed.

In this session, Adam Mufich outlines a comprehensive design process that will give you confidence when installing heat pumps. He will share important tips specific to your local market and help you navigate the murky waters of electrification and what you need to know when it comes to heat pumps.

Air Upgrade

The Air Upgrade Cure: A Simple Solution to HVAC Equipment Failures

Presented by: David Richardson, NCI VP of Training

HVAC system problems are at an all-time high and customer satisfaction at an all-time low. Two contributing factors are excessive external static pressure and improper airflow. Both are the result of poor installation practices and rule of thumb assumptions.

In this session, David Richardson shows you how to reduce the HVAC equipment failure epidemic with Air Upgrades. You’ll see how testing, diagnostics, and a predetermined scope of work can help equipment operate as designed and improve customer comfort.


PerformanceTown – Take Your Testing Accuracy to the Next Level

This year PerformanceTown will feature advanced hands-on diagnostics with the latest instruments and software. Try your hand at diagnosing and solving typical field performance issues and explore solutions to often long-standing problems.