Breakout Sessions

Extra-long Sessions for More Interactive Learning

Generate High Quality Leads With Performance Testing

Mike Hartman,
Thomas E. Clark, Inc.
David Richardson, NCI

Mike Hartman

Most homeowners (and competitors), are unaware that the average HVAC system performs at 57% efficiency. Static pressure testing and a few other quick measurements during service and maintenance visits are the best way to expose these poorly performing systems. Learn how to share this critical information with your customers to help them discover and understand the hidden problems that rob them of the comfort and efficiency they should be getting!

Done right, a few simple tests will generate high quality leads with virtually no competition and very high conversion rates. In this highly interactive hands-on session, Mike and David will demonstrate proper testing techniques and how to explain test results, gain customer interest, and hand-off the lead.

Turn High-Performance Leads Into Appointments

Nancy McKeraghan,
Canco Climate Care
David Holt, NCI

Nancy McKeraghan

While it’s true that “nothing happens until someone sells something”, no HVAC service or installation sale is ever made without first setting an appointment. When the customer has been handled well and properly prepared by the office staff, your sales and service team are better positioned to hit a home run during each appointment.

In this session, Nancy and David will share methods high-performance contractors use to ensure their frontline office team consistently creates “wow” experiences for customers that result in more appointments and increased sales.

Performance-Based Selling in 12 Steps: From Test to Proposal

Michael Hyde,
Hyde’s Air Conditioning
Rob Falke, NCI

Michael Hyde

The Performance-Based sales call is quite different from the typical industry sales processes that focus on just selling “boxes.”  When executed correctly, it can be highly effective in closing more sales and delighting your customers. The key is doing the right things at the right time.

In this interactive, hands-on session, you’ll learn the 12 essential steps to guide your customer through a performance-based sales visit, from efficient, high-impact testing and diagnostics, to customer engagement, to preparing and presenting a winning proposal.

The Handoff Can Make All the Difference

Dawn Vickers-Mroczek,
GV’s Heating & Cooling, Inc.
John Puryear, NCI

Dawn Vickers-Mroczek

When sales closes a job, the next step is to get it installed. Do your install guys “roll their eyes” when they get the “work order”? Are they getting the right information to insure a successful and profitable completion? The handoff can make or break the quality and profitability of your installations.

Dawn and John will take you through each step of a well-oiled process to minimize frustration, reduce mis-steps, and ensure success for all. Discover how a sales team and installation team can better communicate and work together to produce amazing High-Performance System installations

Sell High-Performance Maintenance Agreements

Jim Ball,
Ball Heating & Air Conditioning
Tom Johnson, NCI

Jim Ball

Maintenance agreements are the lifeblood of every HVAC service and replacement business. The long-term relationship established with your customers provides a steady income stream that leads to greater business stability and future value.

In this workshop, Jim and Tom will share ways that they have turned their service teams into cash-generating machines through the implementation of strong performance-based maintenance agreement programs.