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Profitable System Upgrade

Profitable System Upgrade Leads Through Testing and Diagnostics on Service Calls

Facilitated by: Al D’Ambola

This highly interactive session focuses on generating unlimited system upgrade leads by simply performing and recording static pressure measurements on every repair and maintenance call. Attendees will discuss why static pressure measurement is so important; how and when to test static pressure; how to understandably explain initial findings and recommendations; and how to set the stage for customer delight.

This session will help you gain new ideas to get your whole team focused on the importance of executing basic diagnostic procedures on every repair, maintenance, and installation opportunity. Learn from your peers as they share their insights about what they have learned, what works, and what doesn’t work.

Keep Customers Safe

Keep Customers Safe and Generate Leads with CO Safety and Combustion Testing

Facilitated by: Jim Davis

In this interactive session, you will have an opportunity to exchange thoughts on how to keep your customers safe while generating leads with carbon monoxide (CO) and combustion testing. The discussion will focus on the importance of why and what to test on every call including ambient CO testing and what to do in various situations.

Additional discussion topics include:

  • How to handle red-tag conditions and second opinions in a way that educates your customers to make the right decisions instead of putting them on the defensive.
  • How to address replacement leads versus issues that affect safety and health, like combustion air and venting problems.
  • How to help your team understand their role of properly addressing safety and health issues proactively, instead of reactively.
Increase Sales Success

Increase Sales Success by Properly Managing Service-Generated Leads

Facilitated by: David Holt

Unfortunately, many proactive sales opportunities generated by repair and maintenance technicians that perform routine static pressure measurements are handled very poorly, if at all. Without a solid plan, these golden opportunities get stacked up in a desk drawer or simply fall through the cracks. This results in frustrated customers, unhappy service techs, unemployed comfort advisors, underemployed installers, and reduced company profits. In this session, we will discuss a simple step-by-step process for effectively managing and responding to these great sales opportunities.

Participants will benefit from the “wisdom of the crowd” as we work through simple ways to properly manage and use the information collected on repair and maintenance calls to drive improved customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

Build Lifetime Customers

Build Lifetime Customers with High-Performance Maintenance Agreements

Facilitated by: Jim Ball

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an expanding group of ‘raving fans’ for your business? How valuable would it be if you had a large group of customers that know your company and trust your system upgrade or equipment replacement recommendations?

A high-performance maintenance agreement program will help your team take better care of customers, transforming them from “occasional buyers” into “lifetime partners”. When you attend this workshop, Jim Ball will help you discover how to build a strong maintenance agreement program based on NCI’s high-performance processes.

Deliver High Performance

Deliver High Performance with Hands-on Diagnostics in Low-Performance Town

Facilitated by: David Richardson & John Puryear

There are hidden defects plaguing the residents of low performance town. Can you diagnose and provide solutions to their problems and bring them back to their high-performance days? In this hands-on session, David Richardson and John Puryear will guide you through the testing principles, instruments, and processes you need to discover unseen issues affecting delivered HVAC system performance.

Learn to walk the “PATH to Performance” as you measure and diagnose, static pressure, airflow, temperature, and delivered Btus. Once you test and diagnose the problem(s), you’ll make adjustments and assemble a scope of work to improve system performance. Don’t miss this interactive session where we will introduce new test instruments to NCI’s training offerings.