High-Performance Trailblazers Coaching

Keep the momentum going all year long

A Special Member Benefit, Only For Summit 2018 Attendees!

We all know how it goes, you get all fired up at a conference and then when you get back to the office, all the fires start and implementing all the great things you learned falls to the “When I Have Time” pile – and never gets done.  This year, NCI is offering a new. valuable addition to your Summit experience; post-conference implementation coaching!  And, it’s completely FREE!

NCI has spelled out 20 points identified in NCI’s Step-by-Step Map to Implementation.  Each month, between this Summit and 2019 Summit, you will join a group discussion that focuses on two of these points in a 45-60 minute Online Meeting between NCI coaches and you and your fellow NCI Members.  Most sessions will feature guest speakers with specific subject expertise and experience in the topic.  Gather your whole implementation team once a month and stay on the trail to High-Performance Contracting. Be sure to join us at Summit and take advantage of this coaching!

Coaching Session Information:

  • 45 – 60 minute live, online sessions
  • Led by the NCI Coaching Team
  • Available only to NCI Members that attend Summit 2018 in Austin
  • Performed live each Friday of the month at 9:00 AM local time zone:
    • 1st Friday – 9:00 AM Eastern
    • 2nd Friday – 9:00 AM Central
    • 3rd Friday – 9:00 AM Mountain
    • 4th Friday – 9:00 AM Pacific

Post-Summit Coaching Topics Schedule

April 20181 – Choose a champion
2 – Train your team
May 20183 – Purchase the right test instruments
4 – Clearly define which measurements are mandatory
June 20185 – Establish roles and boundaries
6 – Practice, practice, practice
July 20187 – Get your entire team on board
8 – Strengthen your diagnostic and problem-solving abilities
August 20189 – Practice simplified communication skills
10 – Reward employees based on testing and repair results
September 201811 – Provide collateral material for techs, sales, and marketing
12 – Update your service invoices
October 201813 – ComfortMaxx™ software
14 – Follow up with customers on poor test results
November 2018Holiday Break
No Sessions
December 2018Holiday Break
No Sessions
January 201915 – Offer repairs for diagnosed system defects
16 – Perform standardized repairs
February 201917 – Test-out to verify your improvements work
18 – Provide professional-looking reports
March 201919 – Continue to provide High-Performance through your service agreements
20 – Rinse and repeat – next level