High-Performance Trailblazer Coaching

Keep the momentum going all year long

Announcing NCI’s 2019 – 2020 High-Performance Trailblazer Coaching Program

We all know how it goes… You get all pumped up at a conference and can’t wait to get back home to implement all the great things you learned. But, when you return to the shop, all the firefighting pushes those great things to the “When I Have Time” pile – and they never get done. 

NCI is offering a valuable new addition to your Summit 2019 experience – post-conference implementation coaching!  For as little as $35 a month, you can participate in 12 monthly High-Performance Trailblazer Coaching sessions with fellow HVAC contractors from across the country!

And this year it’s open to all! Whether you attended Summit or not, you can still take advantage of this great opportunity.

This program is all about you. It was designed and tested by contractors who participated in the inaugural program launched at Summit 2018.

Here’s what some of the original Trailblazers say about the program:

Here’s How it Works:

Each session is a highly interactive 45-minute web meeting, led by NCI coaches. Your first session includes a 40,000 foot overview of the entire coaching plan where you can ask questions and provide input on the areas you might need the most help with.

In each of the next 10 sessions your coaches will lead the group in a discussion on two of the steps on the Trailblazer Roadmap below.

During the final session, just before Summit 2020, you will review where you’ve been, discuss successes and failures along the way, and map out your game plan for the next 12 months.

Trailblazer Roadmap

This map illustrates the 20 areas that will be covered in the online coaching sessions. Each area is a key element to successful implementation of High-Performance Contracting. Breaking the process down into these bite-size steps will help insure your success without overwhelming you and your team.

Additional Bonuses:

  • Pricing Calculators
  • Lead Generation Tools
  • Technical Reports
  • Software Input Forms
  • Educational Resource Library
  • Coaching Session Recordings
  • And much more…


First Friday of every month at 9 AM Eastern Time

Meet The Coaches

David Holt

NCI Director of Business Training & Coaching

David began serving the industry in 1986 by developing one of the first PC-based HVAC service management software systems, “The Service Manager” by H2 Solutions. Since that time, he worked in the family’s residential/light commercial HVAC business; served as an ACCA national director; helped thousands of companies implement flat rate pricing systems as a key member of the Profit Strategies (now Coolfront) team; and has helped NCI members implement the performance-based approach since 2011. David has authored several articles, workshops, and training classes that focus on business automation, service management, pricing strategies, referral generation, implementation challenges, performance-based selling, and high-performance contracting.


David Richardson

David Richardson

NCI Curriculum Developer /Trainer

David has served the HVAC industry since 1993 working in various roles at his family’s HVAC Company. This experience allowed him the opportunity to implement performance-based contracting from the ground up. He has been involved in all aspects of this craft from testing, diagnostics, repairs, and sales. His team corrected thousands of HVAC and Home Performance issues across the central Kentucky area using what they learned from NCI.

David is a monthly contributing author for the ACHR News, HVAC Insider, and Today’s AC and Refrigeration. In addition to holding all NCI certifications, David has held certifications as a HERS rater, BPI building analyst, and BPI field and online exam proctor.


Trailblazer Coaching 2019 – 2020 Pricing


 NCI Member attending Summit.


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Non-Member attending Summit.


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