Summit 2024 Keynote

Bryan Orr

Keynote Speaker: Bryan Orr

Bryan Orr is co-Founder and President of Kalos Services, a commercial/residential HVAC and refrigeration company in Central Florida with more than 250 employees. Bryan has been involved in HVAC training for over 13 years. He started HVAC School to be free training HVAC/R across many mediums, “For Techs, By Techs.”

Bryan Orr

How to Attract and Keep Great People on Your Team

Getting great people on your team is one of the toughest but most rewarding tasks of any HVAC business owner, but it’s only half the battle! To keep growing as a team, you’ll need to keep them and give them room to grow.

This presentation by HVAC School founder Bryan Orr will explain how to recruit people who have the strengths (or “points”) your team needs to succeed. Then, we’ll dive into the principles needed to keep them engaged in the tasks they do best and make them feel fulfilled enough to stick with your team for the long haul. 

Attendees will learn about the process of continuously adapting their teams to make room for the needs and “pointiness” of the great people currently on the team AND the great people who join.

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